Company director

Company director

A single training center for all your needs.

Halley Language Institute is a registered training center! This means that your language training can be fully or partially supported by an OPCA, your CPF, the employment center … In the context of vocational training courses.

So what are you waiting for ?!

Speak English …

It is a proven fact, to speak English in 2019 is not as much an asset as 20 years ago whereas not to speak it becomes little by little a mistake on your CV. It’s never too late to start. English, by its omnipresence in everyday life, remains an “easy” language to apprehend but not so simple to master and this is where HALLEY operates.

We make it a point of honor to make language learning attractive, not only through a simple academic approach, but by going further with culture and exchange. Learning-by-doing and enhancing Because nothing will be better settled in you than if you have to truly work for it…

But not only !

But there is not only English in the world, far from it, and the job market is competitive, English has gone from being a trump card to an essential one, so why not pick your own asset ? Studies show that tomorrow’s languages are as varied as Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese or Spanish! And the language that can make the difference in your trade is perhaps Italian, Russian or Japanese! With Halley Language Institute you have the opportunity to explore one or more of these tracks with the objective of a competitive advantage that is not negligible whether you are an employee or a company director, whether for yourself or for your employees!

A DataDock referenced organization (CPF / OPCA / OPACIF support)
Fixed courses to go to basics or a personalized service for a specific need
A team attentive to the needs of your company and your teams
Training adapted to your sector of activity in more than 10 languages
Training adapted to your sector of activity in more than 10 languages

More comfortable with your foreign customers.

New goals, new skills, as useful in business as in the private sector.

Facilitating exchanges with your customers will ensure the continuity of your reports.

Reach new customers around the world.

Thanks to the fluidity of your exchanges, make the difference.

A new foreign customer, an international opportunity?
Be ready !

What is an OPCA?

There are more than twenty OPCAs. Find yours!

An OPCA is a “Joint Collective Authorized Collector” in charge of collecting the financial obligations of companies in terms of professional training. It is your company’s OPCA that collects the funds from your CPF and it is with it that you, or the training organization you have chosen, have to communicate to build your funding file.

 To get a first idea of your OPCA, get your NAF code (APE) and click on “Which organization”
But to be absolutely sure, approach your accounting department and we will be able to study together your rights in continuing vocational training and the conditions of care.

Train your employees internally

Training in the language you need can be taken care of and avoid you tedious recruitment sessions. In addition, you add a significant asset to your business by adding the experience your employees have already gained to new language skills.

Add to that that learning a language is an enjoyable time, of discovery and of sharing and you have, in addition, a great way to consolidate your team around a fascinating and fulfilling topic !


Of the companies feel that school and university training are not sufficient to have the required language skills


Available job offers require at least mastery of one foreign language


Of the companies use foreign language interview to assess candidate skills


On average, a manager or engineer who speaks 2 languages will earn € 326 gross / month more than a colleague who only masters one