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What is an OPCA?

Definition of OPCA

An OPCA is a “Joint Collective Authorized Collector” in charge of collecting the financial obligations of companies in terms of professional training. It is your company’s OPCA that collects the funds from your CPF and it is with it that you, or the training organization you have chosen, have to communicate to build your funding file.
OPCAs implement the government’s desire to devote part of the corporate wage bill to vocational training. They also finance VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience).

How does an OPCA work?

All companies must participate in the continuous training of their employees and are required by law to contribute financially to vocational training. Most companies delegate their training activities to the OPCA to which they depend.

They pay training contributions to this organization, which pays them back to the beneficiaries of the training courses. The OPCA plays a vital role in setting up training plans. It advises and informs before assisting in the development of training projects and taking charge of their funding.

What are the different steps to apply for a funding from an OPCA?

There are several solutions to ask an OPCA to fund a training course at Halley Language Institute:

   · You can contact Halley Institute directly so that we can help you in the process from the beginning and help you find funding as soon as possible.

   · · You can also contact a counselor from your OPCA who will send you an application file to fill out and return with a quote that we will provide after determining your needs. According to the OPCAs, the form can also be downloaded from the Internet. Some additional documents may be requested.

After sending the complete file to the OPCA, it will take 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the organization, to get an answer (favorable or unfavorable).
Please also note that, according to the OPCAs, if a company making a contribution to an OPCA does not apply for training funding in one year, it cannot recover its contributions the following year. If you are a company director, it is therefore strongly advised to train your employees every year in order not to pay your contributions without benefiting from the advantages. If you are an employee, it is also advisable to ask for personal training at least once a year.